Best Digital marketing Course - Regional Batches

List of regional batches for best digital marketing course. Regional batches cater to the students of the region and teach digital marketing. The objective of regional batches is to facilitate student growth in a region and bring the best of offline and online together.

Regional batches help in driving job opportunities, freelance opportunities, and business growth and consulting opportunities to the students of regional batches.

Benefits of Regional Batches (vs. National Batches)

  • Student support and course is valid for 1 year (at no extra cost)
  • Onground support is available on request through local partners

Key Course Details

76 Modules, 6 Certifications
    1. Digital Marketing Professional Certification (13 Modules)
    2. Search Engine Optimization Professional Certification (7 Modules)
    3. Marketing Through Search - In Practice (6 Modules)
    4. Email Marketing (14 Modules)
    5. Google Analytics Power Program Certification (11 Modules)
    6. Website Design & WordPress Master Certification (16 Modules)
    2 Bonus Courses
    1. Facebook Masterclass (8 Modules)
    2. Step-By-Step guide to create an online store (1 Module)

    Course Benefits

    1. One course to become a Digital Marketing Expert
    2. Attractive job opportunities in digital marketing
    3. Grow your business through internet
    4. Industry oriented course with Proven results. 5000+ success stories across 24 states in India.
    5. Self-paced online course.
    6. Holistic understanding of Digital Marketing
    7. Demos and tutorials of platforms with high practical understanding.
    8. A verifiable certification through a QR code.