Marketing Labs (PickdUp) is an Award Winning Digital Marketing Academy. Every 3 seconds someone in India learns Digital Marketing.

Internet and online marketing is playing a very important role for most organizations today. Its importance has grown manyfold in last few years. There are organizations that only market themselves on the internet.

In India there has been a rapid growth in the usage of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google. Many organizations are connecting with their customers and advertising on these channels. 

There is also an ever increasing demand for digital marketing or online marketing professionals. As a professional a handy knowledge of online marketing can boost your career.

Marketing Labs offers you a handy knowledge on online marketing and specialized advanced courses on various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google. Sign-up for an online course today and kick start your career.

At present there are multiple courses on offer. This includes a holistic course on online marketing. It should give you an overall perspective of online marketing and all its facets. There are three specialized courses that cover Facebook, Twitter and Google. These courses give you in-depth coverage of each platform and various tools and techniques available. 

All the present and up coming courses under Marketing Labs will cover over 100 platforms and tools.