Google Analytics Power Program

Google Analytics Power Program

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Become a Google Analytics Expert
  • Industry oriented self-paced online course
  • Students from over 24 states in India & over 7 countries
  • Duration: 6 Months |​ Rating: 4.8/5
  • Meant for: Beginners & intermediate knowledge of Digital Marketing
  • Backed by Digital Media incubators and Global Google Experts
  • 10 different modules
Google Analytics Power Program 
  1. Introduction to Google Analytics:    A brief introduction about Google Analytics. This session gives a brief introduction to Google Analytics, and why it is important. Google Analytics is a very important tool for marketing professionals to get more data and insights about the users visiting a particular website. This has important implications for website and App designers, and digital marketing professionals.
  2. Overview of the Google Analytics Dashboard:   This section covers a brief overview of the Google Analytics dashboard. It gives a demo of the Google analytics overview tab, and explains important metrics displayed by Google Analytics.
  3. Audience Insights: Google Analytics provides the audience insights feature that allows you to understand how many users visited your website in a certain time period and more about these users. It helps you understand key metrics like average time spent on the website, bounce rates, number of sessions, average duration of session, demographics of your users (Gender, Age), and other important information such as their interests, their geographic location, and their devices.
  4. Audience Insights - Understanding Geography: This topic gives you a demo of how to understand the geographic locations of your website visitors through Google Analytics. The Geo feature within Google Analytics helps you better understand the users from all geographies and gives you a deeper understanding of their behavior. It will enable you to understand the differences and similarities between visitors from 2 geographies. For instance if you want to understand the differences/similarities in your website visitors from Mumbai and New Delhi, the Geo feature in Audience insights will help you.
  5. Audience Insights - Interest: Google Analytics helps you segment your website/App visitors basis interest groups. Within the Audience section in Google analytics, you can get a better understanding of the interest groups of your audience to better understand your website visitors.
  6. Audience Insights - Mobile, Technology and Engagement: The Audience Insights feature of Google Analytics helps you understand the various devices from where your website and content are being accessed by your users. You'll be able to understand the number of users visiting your website from a mobile device. You'll also be able to understand the handsets they are using, the browsers they are using, and also their engagement with your content. This has important implications for your website designers and developers. For marketing professionals, you can better understand how your content is being accessed and know more about your users.
  7. Understanding Acquisition in Google Analytics: Google Analytics and the acquisition sections helps you get a better understanding of where and how people are coming to your website. It is one of the most important and power features of Google Analytics. As a marketing professional you might be running ads on Facebook, Google, or might be doing Email marketing to get more visitors on your website. The acquisition section helps you better understand how many visitors are coming from each source on to your website and helps you understand the nature and behavior of these visitors.
  8. UTM Parameters and Google URL Builder: UTM parameters are simply tags you add to a URL — when your link is clicked, the tags are sent back to Google Analytics and tracked. With UTM parameters, you can tag your links to gauge the effectiveness of your campaigns and identify the best ways to drive more visitors to your website.
  9. Creating UTM Codes, Exporting Data and tracking ROI: Learn through an example of how to create UTM codes, export data from Google analytics and subsequently track ROI for your Digital Marketing campaigns using the acquisition tab in Google Analytics.
  10. Understanding User Behavior in Google Analytics: The Behavior section reveals what your visitors do on your website. Specifically, the reports tell you what pages people visit and what actions they take while visiting.
  11. Google Analytics Power Program - Quiz & Certification


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